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Everything has its time

Special exhibition 15.03.2018 - 31.10.2019

For millennia, people have been thinking about time and trying to capture and organize it through watches and calendars. Time always accompanies us. Sometimes it almost runs away from us, other times it seems to sneak. How people perceive, structure and experience time has changed permanently under the influence of the clock up to the present day. Even in the monastery, time plays a big role. The fixed prayer times for example decisively determine the daily routine of the monks. Life without clock is hardly conceivable neither at work nor at leisure.
Time itself, however, has remained a mystery. In our special exhibition, you will see clocks and other objects related to time from the monastery Marienberg. In a 3D video, you can marvel at the course of the monastery's hand-forged tower clock. Its unique mechanism from 1878 with meter-long rods and countless gears operates at the same time 11 dials whose clocks are spread over several floors throughout the monastery.
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