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The „Goswin“ Foundation

Marienberg Abbey has an extensive library (some 100,000 books) and a valuable archive that holds deeds dating back to its foundation.
The 14th-century Registrum of Goswin in the archives contains the oldest description of the history of Marienberg: the Urbar (rent-roll) of Goswin gives an insight into the history of its earliest economic workings.

The “GOSWIN” Foundation of the abbey library and the Marienberg archives takes its name from Prior Goswin (d. ca. 1393), librarian, historian and chronicler of Marienberg. Their purpose was to support the new building works and the restoration and promotion of the abbey library and the Marienberg archives. The association was dissolved after the opening of the liberary in spring 2019.
The library saw major growth after the reestablishment of the abbey in 1816 as the number of monks increased, among them some well-known scholars. All of their books eventually found their way to the library, which is why it now holds some veritable treasures. In addition to the new library building, the abbey also possesses a reference library and a study library with the focus on historical themes, German language and literature.
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