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Mass and prayers

Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God (Rule of Benedict 43,3).
Holy Mass

Holy Mass on work days  Holy Mass on Sundays and feast days
05.45 Vigils19.30 Vigils on previous day
06.45 Lauds06.30 Holy Mass
07.15 Holy Mass       07.30 Lauds
11.45 Midday prayers 10.30 Holy Mass (convent office)
17.45 Vespers12.00 Midday prayers
19.30 Compline15.00 Vespers
 19.30 Compline

: from the beginning of June to the end of October in the crypt. Participation possible. Meet at 5:30 pm in the abbey courtyard. The crypt remains closed in winter.
Confession: Confess!
First Friday of the month: Friday of the Sacred Heart!
Holy Mass at Eastertide: Easter Days!
Midnight Mass on 24 December: 12 midnight.