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Marienberg Abbey

Ex Bibliotheca Mariaemontana - Keyboard music from the Marienberg Benedictine Abbey
This is the very first CD to feature the Baroque keyboard music kept in the extensive music library of Marienberg Abbey.
It has been brought to life and played on clavichord, cembalo and organ by Peter Waldner.
Two of the four instruments used on the recordings are from the Marienberg Abbey: the Aigner organ (1865) and the Lusser clavichord (1820). Peter Waldner also played the organ of the Stams Abbey (Andreas Jäger, 1757) and the Andrea Restelli cembalo in the style of Christian Vater (1738).
The CD contains only works that have either been preserved in the rich musical archive of the Marienberg Abbey or composed by the monks themselves.

The CD is released on 23 August 2018 as part of the Music Museum series of the Tyrolean state museums.
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